Mineral Fondation

  1. I just saw another thread for Jane Iredale's mineral makeup line and I haven't seen any replies (other than my own :p) so I thought I would try my own luck.

    I have heard absolutely rave reviews for a makeup line I had previously never heard of before my local spa started carrying it. Every review I've read has been positive, and this line is suposed to make your skin more even and luminous! It is typically preferred over BE and I'm super interested in trying it :yahoo:

    The website is http://janeiredale.com/ and I really recommend taking a look, it seems to be a real winner if all the hype holds true.
    But first I would LOVE to get some opinions, reviews, rant, etc!
  2. I used to work for a cosemtic surgeon and we sold alot of her products. They are great for the skin and the coverage is natural too. I love her products. All I use is mineral fondation. I am so scared to use anything else cause growing up I always had acne prone skin. since I have used mineral make-up I only get one or two once in a blue moon.
  3. Thank you for your input!
    I've gone through so many different "miracle" foundations that my wallet can't take anymore ;)
    It seems that this foundation was made for me!