Mineral Color Leather Bag.....need One!


Sep 15, 2007
Ha, ha, sorry for enabling! :graucho: The mineral is a funny story with me. I bought the satchel last year on PCE, but then when I got to a second Coach store right after purchasing it at the first, I discovered they had one Abbey (last one that was left anywhere)...so I returned the mineral bag and got the Abbey. I then felt really horrible I returned the mineral bag, so I went on a hunt. I was thrilled to later find it at the outlets for really cheap! That was back a while ago, but I know the last time I was at the Saks outlet, I found the hobos and also one satchel. This was a few weeks ago, so they might still have some floating around. Last time I was at the outlet (a couple of weeks ago), they still had wallets, so I bought the large zip around. I'll keep an eye out and post anything I see, but have you checked ebay lately?? I could have sworn I saw the satchel. I actually like the hobo better, though, because the satchel likes to cave in. Not that the hobo doesn't, but it wears a bit better I think. The satchel is cute, though!