Mineral Boudouir or Mineral Liseret Knot

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  1. Help me choose between Mineral Boudouir or Mineral Liseret Knot.

    I am needing a gold clutch...

    which one of these two do you all prefer?

    thanks in advance!:smile:
  2. pix?
  3. #3 Feb 18, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2010
    Mineral is more of a pale champagne. It can be worn with gold or silver.
    I prefer the Boudoir because I like the texture. The corded look of the Liseret does not excite me.
  4. I contemplated on those two beauties too, couldn't decide, and got neither.:sweatdrop:

    Metallic Mineral Boudoir Knot

    Metallic Mineral Lisert Knot

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  5. Off hand, just taking a quick look I'm immediately drawn to the Boudoir Knot. :biggrin: Looks richer to me.
  6. My vote is boudoir knot, I like the look of the texture.
  7. Boudoir. I tried the Lisert. I was not sure about the flat, matte texture.
  8. Confused if I should wait for newer collection....and if anyone knows if bottega has come out witha proper gold clutch not champagne colour?

    i am leaning towards the boudoir too..
  9. Boudoir for me :P
  10. Nothing in gold for this season :sad:
  11. Ya, I need something in gold too.

    Heard from my SA that there will be some sort of silver metallic cabat out before end of this year.... not sure how true is this. ;)
  12. I prefer the boudoir - love the texture :love:

    Ohhhh - such teasing re a silver cabat
  13. Boudoir!
  14. vote for boudoir!
  15. Love the boudoir knot. My SA was trying to convince me to get one - I didn't but it is so gorgy!