Mine came early too!

  1. Today seems to be a great day for those of us who ordered from JAX and were expecting our items to come tomorrow...

    I got my elephant keyfob today! I can't take a picture right now because I left my camera in my office, but I will tomorrow! For now, you can look at K2sealer or Taralindsey's posts from yesterday to see what it looks like!

    Yay! It's so cute! I'm not sure if I should attempt to put in my bags though, its silver hardware and my Coach bags all have brass, but the biggest issue is how do you all attach your keyfobs to your bags without scratching the hardware on your bag? I may just use it as a regular keychain! lol!
  2. Congrats, elephants are toooo cute!
  3. Yay!!! I love the elephant! Congrats
  4. All these surprise deliveries are great!!
  5. YaY! Congrats that your elephant came too, as for how to attach key fobs--what I do is, I attach it to the chain on the coach hangtag. I open the little chain and put it behind the hangtag.
  6. Instead of starting a new thread for this, I will just add to this one. Here is a pic of my elephant keyfob that came this week. I also included my rasberry lurex mini skinny that I got off eBay that came today!
  7. Watch out that elephant is eyeing your mini skinny!! They are cute. I ordered the mini skinny on eBay last night. I cannot wait to get it. I especially love the elephant he is so adorable!
  8. Haha, I didn't notice that, but he is totally eyeing the mini skinny! He's thinking, "Hey baby, looking gooooood!" ;)
  9. Cute! Congrats!

    I agree, for the life of me, I can't squeeze open the ring on the Coach keyfobs. They're super tough, I don't want to break a nail, and I don't to scratch the nickel hardware. I'd attach it like MsAmie says - with the Coach hangtag chain. That's a good way to do it. Just make sure it doesn't fall off.
  10. Mine came also!!
    He is so cute!!