MINE Blonde Kooba Bonnie has ARRIVED!

  1. so i promise better pix of modeling later, i only took one that could really suffice....


    :yahoo: YAAAAAAAY:yahoo:

    *crosses Kooba off her hit list*

    so the bonnie isn't the hugest Kooba out there, i LOVE it! it's a DELISH color, and the PERFECT size for an on the go bag, which is EXACTLY what i needed!

    Thanks to everyone who has been waiting for this bag with me, you all are fabulous support ;) hehe

    here are pix as i promised, a few to help you see how big/small it is. i will try to get gayman or someone to take pix later for you all, so you can see how it fits in person. (i'm a big girl, and it fits over my shoulder! perfect lil shoulder bag for you thin ladies!)

    ok here are 5 pictures for you!

    :woohoo: :dothewave: :woohoo:
    Bonnie Stands Alone.JPG Bonnie on the Elbow.JPG Sunny Bonnie.JPG Bonnie Plays Cards.JPG Bonnie Loves Alice.JPG
  2. *sigh*....she is gorgeous!

  3. congrats
  4. Congrats, she's a keeper!
  5. yaaaaaaaaaay :wlae:
  6. Bliss, I think the size is great. My red Bonnie is in route as we speak. I figure she will be my 'go out to dinner' bag.

  7. do NOT forget to take pictures ;)
  8. Congrats, V! So cute! I also love your Harley shirt - so rock n' roll!
  9. Simply adorable. Thanks for all the pics, too. Enjoy!
  10. I'm so happy for you Bliss. And you now have your Very first eBay feedback. See...not all eBay is bad. I think the bag will be perfect for you. Spray it with some Wilson's and enjoy!
  11. She's beautiful! Congrats!
  12. *growls @ the fact that she has to by leather spray*

    yes mom! lol now i have to drive 2 hours away to the wilsons store... which is near the coach and dooney stores... ergh. well, i think it's safe to say i'm done with dooney, but coach is my love... so maybe i'll order it online! hehe... Lex, tell me which spray exactly?
  13. and you use this and it's safe? the leather is SO sensitive (hehe no scratches or stains or anything duh, but i can just tell by handling it) i just dno't want this beautious blonde color to be dulled in any way
  14. Wilson Spray....Schmilson Schpray.....I just want to put chocolate topping on it and eat it like a Sunday!!!!!!!