Mine and Mariah's matching jackets!!

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  1. Well hers is the women's version and she cut it!!! :nuts:

    mmmm her vegas necklace

    and she is wearing the new stairway boot for F/W in other pics but I was focused more on the jacket
    jacket.JPG matching.JPG
  2. Wow, that's nice! But wow, I would never cut an LV item like Mariah did!! :o Will there be pics of you wearing your jacket?
  3. Stairway boot for F/W and would you look at those sunglasses!! OMG the things I would do for those LV's!!!
    matching 2.JPG
  4. Yes there will be pics of me and all my stuff eventually in the Visual Aid thread, just let me get a day where I look TAN and THIN lol
  5. cool!
  6. Augh, she chopped off the bottom of the jacket - ouch !
  7. I am confused. As you are both. :shrugs:
  8. I can't help but seriously cringe at her poor, mangled jacket. :Push:
  9. Yours looks very nice, Mariahs...not so much.
  10. :wtf: Anything to show off some skin, including dissecting her LV Jacket. She also seem to have purposely wear a smaller size so only 1 button could be done.

    How "stylish" :roflmfao:
  11. Your jacket's hot:yes: Mariah's:crybaby:
  12. I know right! haha I was on your myspace, and I was like whoa hees tanned!
  13. Cool!

    Your jacket is nice, and Mariah's is less nice. How could you cut up a LV jacket????
  14. I guess when you have as much $ as she does, you can afford another one lol! I wouldn't do that with any of my clothes, designer or not.

    Thanks you guys for the compliments but lately I feel BLAH so let me work on it! I will though! I plan on doing it when I get my next big lv on the 22nd, its top secret ;)
  15. Yes, I am a little hurt, I don't know what it is. :cry:

    And you have always been hot. Uh hmm.
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