Mind Plastic Surgery review in glance ( Rhinoplasty + Fat grafting )


Jun 15, 2020
Hello guys, I'm an expat in Seoul and I'm excited to share this experience with you all who plan to have plastic surgery esp rhinoplasty and fat grafting
So finally I did my nose after googling and roaming through forums to decide my clinic ( Thanks Purse Forum, Google, and Gangnam Sister :biggrin:) finally I did it at Mind Plastic Surgery cinic.

The picture with glasses is before surgery and after, I wished for higher bridge and tip
After the cast is removed, I found out that my side profile is improved a lot! My doctor nailed the bridge for sure as what I wished
Cant wait until the swelling totally subsides ;)

*thoughts about PS in Korea:
Hi-tech equipments
Quick handling process ( on surgery preparation, post surgery care, etc )
Free skin treatment ( but i think this depends on your clinic )

Too many people ( long waiting time sometimes )
Not all staffs speak english ( but gladly my doctor does )

Will update more