Mind Change!!!

  1. i admit that i get distracted very easily. right now i'm thinking of what to get first, the roxbury drive in pomme d'amour or the new violette (which i still have to see in person), or a regular monogram like the petit noe or tivoli pm. i'm sooo in love with the vernis right now they are sooooo gorgeous!!! but on the other hand i want something i can carry with me on a daily basis... the vernis might be a little too attention-drawing... omg.. i don't know... once again.. for all i know, i'm getting BOTH THIS year :yahoo:
  2. I think you should get the Tivoli first and then go for the Roxbury, possibly in Amarante!
  3. ^^^ totally agree. I think you would get daily use out of th tivoli.

  4. I agree with this. Start out with the classic mono and then go for the vernis.
  5. I love the vernis for accessories, not quite there on the vernis bags though I am heading in that direction...:shame: I think a mono bag would be better for everyday but if the vernis thrills you go for it!
  6. if i'm lucky enough next month, i'll get both.. is it true that the colours of the vernis line only last for a season and then they are gone? or are they permanent?
  7. Definitely mono for daily bag ... tivoli sounds perfect!
  8. The Tivoli is a classic!!!! After that get something in Pomme. Pomme is my new favorite
  9. I agree also!

    The Tivoli would stand up to every day use better. :tup::yahoo: