Mind boggling dilemma

  1. So I'm seriously considering a LV purchase very soon,like within the next couple of weeks.My dilemma now lies in the fact that,I have NO CLUE what I'm doing!I seriously thought I could spot a fake (and I usually can) but some of them LOOk quite real,and I'm WORRIED!I don't think I would ever purchase one brand new,that's just not me (I'm a bargain shopper through and through)but I also know that eBay is notorious for selling tacky ripoffs!I refuse .....REFUSE...to carry around someone else's crime!So,if you ladies don't mind,I will be asking your help with this (yes,ANOTHER series of "is this real?" posts).I'm terribly sorry,as I know it's incredibly redundant,but I want to ask the experts (that was flattery,by the way :amuse: ) .Thanks in advance for your help
  2. Poor you. I think LV is by far the most replicated bags out there. Even with pictures it's so difficult to authenticate them.
  3. Ask away! Stick with poupette resellers, that's a very good start. Also, you can authenticate through mypoupette. Also, the gal who used to authenticate on poupette has her own site now, caroldiva.com. She's authenticated a ton of auctions for me, and she's very sweet.
  4. Yes, My poupette sellers are a great place to start.
  5. Post in the seller watch thread of auctions of a certain kind of bag you're looking to get. Lots of people will help you out if you have the auction links there.
  6. study study study! Look at all bags, real & fake so you know what you're looking for. Check out the poupetteluxe-auctions.com to look at closeups of real ones.
    Fashionfile has written a ton of guides on the MC line & Mono http://search.reviews.ebay.com/members/fashionphile_W0QQuqtZg

    I find her guides really helpful.
    Also go to a Vuitton store if possible & look at the merch in person. Understand how to read the date codes. & yes, post here! LOL
  7. I agree with all suggestion above. Buy from MPRS at Ebay, I know lots of other sellers sell some items cheaper than MPRS but at least you have piece of mind. I would rather get preowned from MPRS than brand new from other sellers. It's very tricky this day
  8. There are many great sellers beside MPRS. It's best to know your item well. Read and research a lot, there are many many sites that can improve your LV knowledge. Ask lots of questions, don't be too embarassed to ask. Post pics and links here so the other ladies can help you.
  9. You've gotten great advice from everyone here. Good luck:smile:
  10. Sometimes, the difference of buying a new one is not so much. If the difference is very little (like R$50 or so..) maybe it's better to buy from an LV shop. This way you'll know that what you're buying is the real thing. plus you get your own receipt, certification, etc. You can even ask for your name to be stamped inside your purse for free.

    Good luck!
  11. I'm a real bargain shopper too, but there's nothing like going into the store to pick out your bag or wallet yourself. Or even getting a beautiful box from eluxury. You'll at least know that what you're getting is the real deal, and IMO everyone should do it once in their life.
  12. If you ever need help with eBay listings, just post a link in the Seller Watch section.