1. Does anyone own the Mina? What do you think about this bag
    being user friendly?
  2. i don't own the bag, but i did try it out at the store. while the plum is a fantastic color, i think it would get uncomfortable to carry after a while. it's not as heavy as older stams since the chain is hollow and the interior is lined with canvas instead of suede, but the chain will dig into your shoulder after a while epecially if you have a tendency to carry a lot of stuff with you. there were many chain handle mjs i wanted this year, but had to pass on them for that reason.
  3. i have the quilted ealstic stam veryson, which is heavier and actually use the chain handle very often and it is very comfortable to me. The MINA is even lighter and should be easier to manage, the colors are gorgeous (i have plum) and you will not be disappointed. let us know what you get.