Min Pin stories!!!

  1. Okay...any Min pin owners know that these little characters get up to allllll kinds of trouble!!! Tell me your best story, or your biggest frustations!! I can not wait to hear!! :nuts: (details appreciated!!)
  2. Gosh -- what a great subject line! Incidents are daily here... I will have to think of some good ones and write back!! I can not wait to hear others!!

  3. This is not anything shocking but my girls are the BIGGEST bed whores in the world. They fight to get as close as they can to my legs or they will compete to to lay right under my arm if Im on my back.
    My youngest one Lilly is my shadow. I can not go anywhere in the house and she is right there. She is my sweety girl. So is Violet but she is more of a loaner than Lilly.
    The funniest thing that has happened lately....I walked in the kitchen and Lilly had jumped all the way into the trash can and she could not get out. LOL and Violet was just sitting there like...damn that is so cool...get a snack while you are in the sister!
    Cant wait to hear and stories you all may have!!!;)
  4. This is a good thread because Awesome-O is always getting into something on a daily basis. One thing that frustrates me about my baby is my fiancee always buy Awesome-o toy balls because they are his favorite. The problem is we have kinda low sofas and Awesome-O always roll his balls under the sofa and tries to get the balls from under the sofa but can not and them he will start crying if he cant and no one will get them from under the sofa for him. So I will have to get up and get all of the balls from under the sofa and this is a daily basis!
  5. Love It!!
  6. My male min pin will follow me everywhere. From the bathroom to the bedroom. He is my shadow. My female is just a lazybones and doesn't care about anything just as long as she is warm.

    My male is also extremely possesive. He steals EVERYTHING that is not nailed down and won't give them back. He LOVES really expensive shoes. Also, does anyone else have a problem when you turn on a vacuum or mop? Mine would kill either if he could. It is like his mortall enemy. All I have to do is take out a mop or vacuum and he goes crazy. I have to lock him up so I can just dust. Once I left the vacuum out and he peed on it!
  7. Too funny! Mine has the same issue with the vacuum. I have no idea why! They are such fun little creatures! Mine is a male too and he, too, follows me from room to room. I think my favorite stories are of him younger -- he is 11 now.

    As you know, min pins get so excited. They also get pretty proud. Today, mine is thrilled to be wearing his sweater. He has a wardrobe and then some and prances when he is dressed. He is so proud of his Ravens fleece, his baseball jacket... even a new collar! It is so funny! I draped a Hermes twilly on him one day (I know, I am crazy!) and he pranced around like Liberace. It is really scary!

    I will have to think of the cute Taelor moments and post them... I don't want to bore anyone with stories of my baby!!
  8. My brother's Min Pin, Rusty really thinks he is a baby. When my brother's first child was born, they got a motorized baby swing, which the baby loved. Rusty loved it as well, and they would often find him sitting in it when the human baby was not using it! Really--just like a baby! When they turned the swing on, Rusty would stay in the seat, swinging away.
  9. Keep the stories coming girls!! I love it!!
    My girls do not care about vacuums, or mops etc...we have a "robot" so it will kick off to vacuum every other day and they could care less!! Thank god as there are so many other things that they do just bark thier heads off at it! More so the older one, she really watches the house like crazy.
    Another story comes to mind...
    We live on the ocean, so our boats are docked up behind the house. A friend of ours docked his behind our house one day and that night it was windy as hell, well at 3 in the morning waves of water were about to sink our friends boat...(wind...) and Violet was out there barking her little gorgeous head off..so Dh woke up...naked...and ran outside to see what the hell was going on ...he had to get a bucket and start getting water out of the boat or it would have sunk in no time...in other words...Violet really saved the day as DH was on the boat for about 3 hours in the wind and rain making sure it would not sink. Violet is known around town as a boat saver...the boys all love her!!!
  10. Prince loooooves the hair dryer. It's just about the only thing that'll get him out of bed in the mornings.
    And how can one small dog possibly take up so much room in bed? He sleeps on his side but with this little legs out straight, like he's standing up. He also dreams, he'll jiggle around and yip and bark in his sleep.
    Does anyone elses Min Pin run weird when they're all excited? He tucks his little bottom underneath him and gets his ears all back, he kind of looks like a wheelbarrow. It's almost like he's scooting, but at near warp speed. I don't even know how to describe it but it makes me giggle just sitting here thinking about it.
  11. ^^^ Both my girls do that!!! lol Its hilarious!!!
  12. Yea, Awesome-O does that also. He also does not like the vacuum Cleaner or a broom or mop. he just barks,barks,barks at those things. Awesome-O does not like a hairdryer or hair clippers. When I turn my hairdryer on, he will bark and run full speed around the house until I turn it off.

    Awesome-O thing is he love to bring his favorite toys to bed with him. And if he forgets it, he will get up and go get it to bring it to bed and put the toy by me like he wants me to keep it for him and then he will just go back to sleep.
  13. Mine does that too -- he brings his toy to bed with him. I think the dog sleeps with more gear then me -- he brings a stuffed toy and his blankie to bed! This has been going on for 11 years! And the oddest thing is, he goes to bed at 11:00 every night - it doesn't matter what is going on or who is over. He trouts upstairs at 11:00, give or take 10 minutes every night!! It is hilarious seeing him carry that stuff upstairs!! I really don't know how he does it!!
  14. I don't own a min pin but I had the chance to babysit for one a couple years ago. She was still a pup and there was another dog, a poodle/maltese mix, that was a little older and about the same size. the min pin was definitely more dominant.

    The person I was pup-sitting for told me they sleep in the big doggie bed together next to the people bed but not to put them in the bed because one might have to potty and not be able to get out. She said they couldn't get in the bed on their own, either dog.

    Well, I woke up in the middle of the night and the little maltipoo was a good girl, sleeping in the doggie bed next to the people bed. The min pin was laying on the pillow next to me! I have no idea how she got up there. When I told her mommy she was shocked. She said she'd never gotten up there before.
  15. ^^^hahahahahahahahahaah