Min Pin Mommies

  1. How old is too old to get their ears "done"? Is it mean to do to a dog? Can you tell, I'm debating?
    Opinions, options, anyone?
  2. Please please please don't get their ears done...it is SO PAINFUL for them :sad:

    The vet that I used to work for wouldn't even do them bc she felt so terrible about the huge amount of pain they have to go through.

    I think min pins, dobermans, etc look so cute with their natural ears! :smile:
  3. we didn't do it to our mini pin. i wanted him to have natural God given ears.
  4. Great, now I feel like a bad, evil abusive mommy :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: but in reality Im not. I adore my babies. Violet had her ears done when we got her. She was 5 months old so I did not witness how she was handled or healed. We had Lillies done at 6 months and it was a heartbreaking for me when I picked her up after the procedure. I did cry and felt terrible (I have a tear in my eye thinking about it) She stayed in my lap for a few hours. After that she was back to her old self and she healed super fast. After the drugs wore off she really went back to her puppy crazy self. We love her ears but Im not sure I could go through it all again. If we are ever to get another min pin if there ears are not already done I may not choose to do it again. Its not pleasant. It does look great in the end so its really up to you. Just make sure you have the day to spend with your pup as he/she will want mommy for sure. She could not wait to be in my arms after. :sad:
  5. My brother has a Doberman whose ears were "done" when he got her. She has had so many problems with those poor ears--they freeze really easily, which may or may not be a factor where you live.

    This same brother also has a Min. Pin. whose ears are natural. I think the ears look adorable they way they are!
  6. Sunshine - I seriously don't think you have it in you to be a "bad, evil, abusive mommy". Your min pins were the original reason that I asked the question - my Prince looks nothing like your darlings.

    Nancypants - your puppy, puppy, pupster is absolute sweetness:heart: .

    Snowwhite - Even though I live in NE Indiana, freezing isn't a problem because he's "paddy trained" instead of going outside to do his business.

    I really love the look, but at what cost to Prince? Yes, his crazy ears are attention getters - Bat Man is Princes' nick name as of late.
    But I'd heard it's not a pleasant process for the dogs to go through.
    But aren't they given anesthesia during the procedure and pain relievers for home?
    But isn't tail docking the same thing?
    So many "buts" , I dunno. I'm torn.
    Thanks for your input ladies, I really appreciate it. You're all the best!
    Anyone else?
    Pro or Con?
    It's why I asked the question.
  7. Getting your min pins ears clipped can and will be painful no matter what just like when you get a type of surgery, when the pain killers wear off, they will still have some type pain. I think it is up to the owner on whether or not you want to get Prince's ears clipped. At first, I was going to get Awesome-O's ears clipped because I liked the look of min pins with their ears clipped and where I am from, the couple of people who have Min Pins always clip their ears, but after seeing how he really looked with his natural "big bat like" ears, I decided not to get them clipped because it was part of his personality. I personally think you should keep Prince's natural ears because they are so expressive just like my min pins ears but it is still up to you.
  8. Thanks for your kind words. :heart: Lilly was really drugged up when she came out of surgery, and for a few hours after. I hated that part so much as it she was really messed up..it really made me so upset...I was crying.. I HATED It!! They did give us meds for her after but judging her by her actions she did not seem to be in a lot of pain. She did not scratch or rub at them and she did not try to get at the stitches at all. Like I said she healed really quickly and her spirits were fine a few hours after all the drugs wore off. It just upset me and I know it was not comfortable for her. I actually had forgetten about it until I read this thread and thinking back on it really makes me sad. HOWEVER, she is right as rain now!! lol little wild woman. Tonight she climbed up on a chair, and jumped up on my kitchen counter!!! (we are doing major renovations and we never have chairs that close to cabinets...she thought this was really clever!!) Anyway..her antics are a whole other thread. Im torn on this...to be honest...as I really liked the clipped ears...I just hated the process. I think unclipped ears make min pins look like Chihuahas (sp?) Oh well..Im not much help...:rolleyes:
  9. I can't believe all the min pin mommies here! I am another! My baby came with his ears clipped. I wouldn't have done it because I love those little flopppy ears!
  10. Don't feel bad, I really wanted my Holly to get her ears done. Then my friends educated me about how painful it is for the doggy. I am so glad I didn't, because they are so cute and perky on their own.

  11. What does it mean to get the ears "done"?
  12. Like this...

    is how they are born. Having their ears "done" means getting them cut and shaped so they stand up like a Large Doberman.

    Thanks so much for your input ladies. Even though I'm still not sure what path we're headed down, I've gotten just what I asked for opinions and also an education about the subject.

    :heart: s to you all!!
    PrinceRoo 008.jpg
  13. Oh Adriane, those ears are sooo cute, for me they are part of the Min Pin charm, why clip them? They must be so soft and nice to touch... mmm :yes:
  14. They are the softest little things you've ever felt, like velvet :heart: . They are nearly always cold to the touch though. It seems he is alwasy shivering. He's got lots of doggie sweaters, but he doesn't tolerate the hats of booties for too long at a time. :smile:
  15. sunshine - i agree. they look like chiuahuas (sp) with the long ears. but they're cute regardless! i loooooooove mini pins. they're ALWAYS up to something. my mom tells me that benji is always up to something.
    his favorite is pulling the socks (the floor protectors)off of our kitchen table and chairs. it drives my mom crazy.

    adriane - i don't know why but benji is always cold too. whenever my mom has a heater on, he chills right in front of it and does not move away no matter how hard to try to pull him away with food. he also loves the heating pad and heated blankets. he steals them away from my mom.. it's hilarious.