Min Liv or Galliera Damier EBEBE

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Which one?

  1. Galliera Damier ebene pm

  2. Min Lin Marina GM

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi, I needed a quick opinion: Vuiton Marina GM in navy and off white, or Damier Ebene Galliera??? I know the Galliera was a SO and so it's rare, which is what i love about it, but it's pm, I know for a pm it's big, but I usually love HUGE bags. I wonder if it will still work for me? The Marina might seem summery, but I know I can make it work, I'm thinking of a navy wool coat, and this bag is also htf.

    Anyway which 1 do you say "go for!" and why? Not to sure when either will be available again in this near perfect condition!
  2. I'm am biased towards the Galliera... I think it's the perfect all-around bag... and having it in Ebene is just that much better! It's big enough for your essentials and more.
  3. definitely Ebene Galliera -- I have it and LOVE it!!
  4. Galliera ebene gets my vote. :smile:
  5. Galliera Ebene!
  6. galliera ebene! such a special bag
  7. ebene galleria!!
  8. Galliera!
  9. I had the SO Galliera Damier Ebene and the trim on the top busted where it creased after only using it a few times, so I opted to return it. I now have the Evora MM and I love it 1000% more than my Galliera Damier Ebene. You might consider the Evora.
  10. I have a Marina GM in Rose. I love it but it is summery. Ebene Galleria is just too much dark brown IMO. However, I've seen Marina GM go for less than 1k so maybe wait?
  11. No poll is needed! Galliera hands down!
  12. Galliera! especially in ebene - so rare!
  13. my vote goes to Galliera ebene.. u'll make everyone jealous