Mimz, What is the Color of that Gorgeous Bag?

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  1. Question to Mimz - I am new to this forum, and I apologize because I'm sure you've probably told everyone thousands of time, but what is the name of that gorgeous color that you have posted under your user name?? I must find it!!
  2. Just bumping this thread because I have to know!!
  3. I just looked at it for you and it looks like Grenat/bordeaux?? the pic is just so small so I could be wrong. But it looks close to it.
  4. It's the 01 or 02 burgundy pebbled.
  5. I'm pretty sure her avatar pic is a Burgundy Pebbled Flat Brass First.

    It's gorgeous!! :heart:
  6. Yep, her avatar is her gorgeous 01 Burgundy Pebbled FBF:yes:

    It's really rare, so GL finding it!:tup:
  7. Thank you so much for the responses!! Getting that bag will now be my mission in life!!
  8. Oh, I'm glad you asked! I've wondered the exact same thing- so beautiful!!!