mimiandporter.com FRAUD!!!!!!!!!

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  1. #1 Jan 24, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2009
    I purchased a " Gucci" handbag from mimiandporter.com and let me tell you, my boyfriend got me the purse as a gift for x-mas and i waited and waited for it, when it finally arrived i was super excited to open it when my boyfriend told me "hey this purse is from China". Immediately i knew something was wrong because the website states they are located in Florida. Well regardless i was still eager to see the bag. I opened the package and noticed right away it was in a plain white dustbag without any kind of Gucci imprint. Still being naive i thought hey i got a really good deal im not going to complain about a dust bag. I opened the dust bag to find the cheapest looking bag i have ever seen in my entire life!!!! the leather handles felt and looked like plastic!!!!!!!! there were NO authenticity cards or serial numbers. The particular purse I ordered came with a lock and key sort of deal so I closed the purse and locked it and guess what?? the purse magically was stuck and would not open after that...... being the owner of several high dollar handbags that I have paid full retail for thought I would take a chance a get a good deal since the web site states they deal in "authentic merchandise only" and i got screwed so please beware!! you dont have to be a handbag expert to spot these knockoffs trust me!! and as far as refunds i fought and fought and am getting only 50% back and the cheapest gucci bag ever!!!!!!!!! mind you we paid 307.00 for this bag
  2. Wow. I'm sorry. I would've thought the same thing as you before I purchased; the website is so well done and everything.

    Thanks for telling us!
  3. hi! Please join the existing thread already posted in our Authenticate This Forum.

    Thank you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.