Mimi, someone stole your photos!!!

  1. Oooh these people make me so mad! I wrote seller a nasty note telling them too! Would someone really fall for a beautiful bag like that going for $175?
  2. That person "ridermom" was obviously scammed out of their ebay info.
    Someone is using their account.
    That SUCKS!
  3. That does suck! So now, instead of only the original seller getting screwed over, another seller gets screwed too. UGH!
  4. oh geez, thanks for letting me know - i have also reported them :sad: !!!!
  5. I hate that when they steel pics of real bags to sell their cheap crap! Good luck Mimi, that ebay is pulling the auction asap.
  6. that's horrible. the pictures are also watermarked too.. :rant: i do hope ebay takes care of it soon. goodluck :flowers: