Mimi Bag...Kinda cute

  1. I never even glanced twice at this bag but certain pics really show a bag better. This one was on Karizma and actually makes this bag cute for a going out bag. A little glitzy but pretty.

  2. Lexie.....!!

    I think you are delirious from waiting for the new Fall collection to come out, and are seeing things. ;)

    The bag is terrible, and the price makes it even less attractive.

    Sorry lexie..:heart:

  3. Ahhh Now Halzer. That isn't all true. It isn't terrible...is it? Maybe I am entranced by the metallic shininess of it. I am a sucker for anything that sparkles. I'm not saying I would buy it but I think now it isn't 100% bad.

    Anyone else now think the bag has some redeeming qualities or does it just plan suck? :smile:
  4. It's definately not for me, but I don't think it totally sucks!
    Would make a cute prom bag!
  5. I think I would love that bag to death in my closet because I would wear it, but only 3 or 4 times. Cute, but I would tire of it easily....
  6. That bag looks like a slinky mini skirt gone bad.

    Sorry, no cigar.
  7. Not loving it, though its better than the Stella. It just looks so 80's to me.
  8. It's kind of cute, but not my style...does have some redeeming qualities, though.
  9. Ah, that explains it....I LOVE THE 80's!!! My best decade in life. Love the Big mall Hair, Duran Duran, and trashy clothes style. Love it all! LOL
  10. yeah this bag is not doing it for me at all....it looks very cheap, like something you would get at walmart for 20 bucks.
  11. Madonna too, and Dynasty and Dallas and shoulder pads!!
  12. Yeah...The Old Madonna before she became British.
    The decade I was still a teenager in and the decade I got married in. My favorite movies were Valley Girl and Pretty in Pink. Tom Cruise was still cool and not creepy.
    And I had one semi designer purse...an Aigner and I was surprisingly happy.
  13. Yes, I too was still technically a teen in the '80's and I got married then too. I had two Coach bags that I treasured. They were tiny bags with long long shoulder straps, not even adjustable. Only sold them off a couple of years ago on e-bay.
  14. Sorry Lexie, I think this bag is horrible!
  15. I agree with Huskylover--reminds me what I see local high school students using for prom, formals, etc. Not for me.