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  1. Hello all. I’m new here. I love Chloe and have their Paraty bag which I’m a huge fan of. We bought the Milo tote a week ago and I recently noticed some disappointing things with it. First, the tassles: one was put on backwards. Second: a discoloration spot. Third: fraying on the tassles. Fourth: potential ditching issues. We bought the purse from Neiman Marcus as there is no Chloe store in my city. I’m now worried they won’t let me refund or exchange since I took the tag off. They asked me to bring it in during the week. I’ve only been actually using this bag since Wednesday.

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  2. Hi there. I was browsing through the different forums and ran across your post. The condition of that bag is disgraceful. This is supposed to be one of the “ premier” designers! If that were me I would take that bag right back and demand a full refund. It is really sad that so many of these supposedly high quality bags are looking more and more like just mass produced low quality bags. Good luck
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  3. This is why so many of us are turning to companies Like Massaccesi, who sadly is going out of business, and Arayla. These people source quality leather, make quality bags and stand behind their products. The so called premier companies are increasingly using cheap labor and inferior leather while increasing prices.
  4. I honestly don’t see what you are talking about other than the backwards tassles in the last pic. I have heard a lot of complaints from people ordering online at Neiman Marcus, not in store. It’s like they mail customers the over handled store displays and returns. For instance, discoloration could be from a customer slathering hand lotion all over herself before heading over to the handbag section and then handling all the bags. I would send it back, if you aren’t happy. I have a Marcie crossbody. I don’t see as many complaints about Marcies as I do other Chloe bags. The Nile looks well made as well. I’ve had mine for almost 7 years. It’s been in regular rotation from the beginning. I just very recently noticed some minor chipping of the hardware at the end of my tassel and that’s it. The leather has gotten better and softer over time. Yes, there are some good quality contemporary brands. I recently bought a Polene and a Longchamp myself. I do think Chloe has great quality though.
  5. I think the reason your bag has held up is because it is 8 years old. I do not own any of these brands. I read a lot of posts on TPF and other blogs about the decline in quality. So this is not first hand experience on my part; it is just echoing what I am reading about those who do own them. Like everything in life, I am sure it is not 100% true, but it is a disturbing trend. Just my humble opinion.
  6. That could be true for Chloe. That’s the only Chloe item I have. Of the premier brands, I have the most experience with LV. I have been buying since 2011. I have few items and see zero difference in quality between the shoulder bag I bought in 2011 and the wallet I bought this summer.
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  7. Good to know.
  8. I wouldn't be too worried about them not letting you return the bag, more often it would be an exchange but a girlfriend of mine knows no limits on exchanging things that she has kept for months - and i'm very surprised that they let her exchange the items she doesn't want anymore.

    My Owen came without one of the gold rings at the tasseled end of the bag's hook. Was slightly bummed about it but didn't want to return it. At the end of the day, it's whatever you want from the bag that makes it okay for you to keep it or want to return it. Good luck!
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