Milly-La-Foret: What do you think?

  1. My SA showed me the limited edition
    Milly-La-Foret Handbag :smile:

    I saw the small one in purple and the big one in black.

    It can be used as cross body as well.

    What do you fellow dior lovers think ???
    Screen Shot 2012-06-23 at 11.38.37 AM.png
  2. Wow I've never seen this bag before. When I read the name of the bag, I thought that it would be very colourful with flowers, ladybugs, and butterflies because that's the style of the Dior Joaillerie collection with the same name.

    I can't tell how the strap looks from the picture, but it seems to be adjustable like the Chanel Classic Flap.

    Sorry but I don't like this bag so far (and this is coming from huge fan of Dior). It's the look of the metal chain and the way it threads through the leather shoulder pads. I much prefer the Dior Delices flap bag and the New Lock flap bag over this.
  3. It's not limited edition but it is a seasonal collection, starting with Pre-Fall 2012. The chain length isn't adjustable.

    To me this line seems quite "inspired" by Chanel's Cocoon collection: lightweight, oversized quilted lambskin in "pillow" shapes, and for that reason I don't like it at all.
  4. And the flap bag shape with this type of turn-lock is also Chanel-esque. I wish that they would just stop making flap bags.

    If they really wanted to use this pillow lambskin, they should just revisit the Dior Delices line and make a variation with pillow quilting. This may, in turn, help sell some of the other Dior Delices bags that have dropped out of attention recently because they are no longer advertised.
  5. How much is it
  6. Same here, IMO the lock is too small and it is too puffy for its size. I would stick with the New Lock Porchette. The one CoachCruiser just got is gorgeous. Same color I think.
  7. Nooooooo from everyone :sweatdrop:

    I think the small one was $2700.

    Well I indeed passed it as well but the leather was really gorgeous and I kind of liked the cute puffy shape:smile: It is much roomier than the pochette as well.
  8. Me no like :sad:
  9. The Delices line itself I don't particularly like either as to me it's derivative of Prada's matelasse bags.
  10. I thought that at first. But the gauffre pattern is done differently. The Prada is pleated much more (and in a more uniform fashion). I really like how the randomness of the gauffre on the Dior is juxtaposed with a geometric Cannage embroidery.

    And the flap version doesn't have a lock. It keeps the bag very simple.

    My absolute favourite part of the Delices line is the interlaced chain links at the base of the leather strap. Instead of making the entire strap a chain, Dior made a few metal-velvet links, and then used a leather strap. The way the interlacing is done also perfectly matches the gauffre finish.

    Looking at the Milly La Foret bag again, I do have to say that the puffiness is adorable. I'm still not a big fan of the way the chain looks (would perhaps work better with a wider chain similar to the Chanel Boy bag, but then again it would look like Chanel), and also how big the grommets on the stap are in comparison to the other hardware.
  11. I find the gauffre exceedingly similar:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Without the Cannage stitching I'd be hard-pressed to differentiate one brand from the other, and just tacking on a Cannage pattern is not a mark of creativity imho.
  12. True. If you take away the Cannage, then it doesn't actually look as nice as the Prada, because the gauffre is a bit too irregular without the Cannage to balance it out.
  13. I agree, those bags (the Gauffre) and the Milley-La-Foret don't appeal to me very much because it's not unique to Dior, it's adapting styles and techniques which are popular with other brands and they're trying to attract other brand loyalists to Dior, I'm assuming, but I think it's better to stick to their unique style and keep a loyal group of customers than to try and adapt other designer's techniques and styles too much
  14. I have started a thread in the Reference Library for this bag. I must say that I like the bag a lot more now that I have seen it from different angles. And the straps are adjustable, which makes it Dior's first flap bag with an adjustable strap. The strap attachment to the side of the bag (instead of to the flap) and the way the chain looks makes the strap mechanism look completely different from the Chanel even though it is based on the same one-chain-through-multiple-grommets-approach.

    Here are some pictures to entice you:


    It is one adiorable bag!
  15. Does anyone know the price of the large milly la foret pls ???