Millions of Chloes on sale at 5th Avenue Saks!

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  1. So yesterday i went into saks to check out the sales.
    Millions of chloes where thrown on the sale tables. It was ridiculous!
    They were thrown like cheap nothings!
    Out of everything on sale about 85% of them where chloes. Even some black padingtons and brown ediths.
    THe others were Marc Jacobs diane in mouse and patent ursula in black an blue...
    But back to the chloes...I couldnt believe my eyes. Chloe never looked so cheap in my life, not that the prices were cheap, but just the way they were thrown around.
    Anyway if anyones interested they are 30% of the original retail!
  2. which location?
  3. 5th ave New York
  4. Did you see any paddington wallet (the one that has lock in it) on sale?
  5. Thanks Lolley97!
    Why do they do this? It is such a shame to see them tossed around like that!
  6. It really was disgusting. It made the bags look so cheap. It was such a shame. They has like zero wallets. No paddington ones.
  7. I don't know that Saks does that - I think a lot of it is the customers. They probably looked OK when they set them out. I went for an 50% off dress sale once and people had just thrown $300-$1200 dresses everywhere. In lumps on top of each other, on the floor, etc. I can only imagine how the SAs had to clean it up at the end of the day.
  8. That's really sad, it's things like that ruin the image of such beautiful bags!
  9. Yeah...bag sale at SAKS on 5th is always mess. They should stop using the tables. Customers abuse bags because the tables. Order to get to know what's in there you have to dig the pile of the bags, I mean expensive delicate bags... I do not like the way they sale the bags. Seems like SAKS does not care!! :sad:

    Chloe bag, I don't think they are doing good. They are on sale everywhere now.
  10. Plus, bags can get nicked and scratched (especially leather). You don't want to spend that much on an imperfect bag!