Millionaire sunglasses

  1. Hi

    I can't express how desperate I am for a pair of these shades in black. They are just simply the coolest LV I have ever seen. I didn't realise when they were released months ago so I missed them. AHHHHHHHHHH! I absolutely hated it when my SA told me they were sold out. I wanna die. :yucky:
  2. Sorry flyingkid, they are SOLD OUT! eBay is your only chance and the markup for these is HUGE!

    I got my teal pair in July, worth EVERY PENNY!
  3. As nice as they are, Millionaire sunnies are too narrow for my face.:sad: I got a pair and had to sell them because they were giving me a headache. I have seen a pair on eBay that were only marked up $150.00! Keep checking on there. You never know! Good luck!
  4. I went to Paris in September 3 lv's I went to all had them on display multiple pairs & all colours all is not lost try Paris ASAP!!!
  5. On eBay the markup is not that big, it is on the greedy sellers who are makring it up to like 3-4k but I've seen quite a few sell only 150-500 dollars over retail which isnt that bad because before they re-relased these glasses the markup was always at least like 1200-1500 over retail. (P.S retail was somewhere around $1000 just in case you did not know) Good Luck!

    P.S SOME stores MIGHT Even have them, 6 months ago the vuitton number told me they were out of a bag but I saw it in mahattan back in spetember so they don't always have final count of inventory, just be persistent and keep looking on ebay if you really want them you will get them with some patience! Good Luck!
  6. :drool::drool::drool:REALLY!?? :drool::drool::drool:

    I was aware of their release back then (IM SO LAST YEAR). GUTTED! I asked my store manager to check but was told they were all sold out in UK. I didn't ask if there were still any in Paris though. I should have. I just emailed LV about it hopefully... fingers crossed. :yes:
  7. Matt I saw you in them. You look stunning with the Millionaire!!!! I need to grab myself a pair. Were they only available to VIP?
  8. I wait listed for mine, although I am a VIP. I got the only pair (not just color but the only pair) that came to MI
  9. forget the email you'll get a standard cut & paste useless response and the helpline if just as useless do you have a regular SA or store speak to the Manager there, tell them how much you want them offer to pay for them early.

    Maybe even call Paris directly
  10. Thanks Label Addicts I will update you guys with any news.
  11. Good luck, hope you get one!
  12. Yup, try the Champ Elysees store. In September, they had them in all the colours on display.
  13. Thank you guys I have phoned up my manager today. I will keep you guys informed.
  14. Damn it! My SA told me that these shades are now officially sold out europe wide. I am so disappointed. I actually wanna cry.
  15. You should call Paris direct to find out and specifically ask for stock in the CE store.