millionaire sunglasses

  1. STUNNING! But what a steep price to pay...
  2. I don't think that these are available at LV anymore.
    The only place that you will find them is on eBay, at crazy prices.
    I wonder how much the retail price was when they first were available?
  3. I would love a pair of these in black. But why so expensive? what was the retail?
  4. I think Label Addict mentioned them being rereleased?
  5. I would love to know for sure if they are being rereleased!
  6. I just found out that they are being rereleased in August in 3 colors!
    I'm happy about it because I missed out on them the first time around, but if I already had a pair I wouldn't be so happy.
  7. price?
  8. Sorry, that I don't know.
    I heard that they were going to be available in 3 colors though.
  9. When they first came out, there was only one pair released at my closest boutique, and they were i think $1000