Millionaire sunglasses question/customerservice?

  1. hi,
    i have some LV millionaire sunnies. would like to get the "two bars that fold" fixed to make the glasses fit my head better. does lv do things like that? is this possible?
  2. Yep they'll do anything to repair their own products! Go ahead and send it in.
  3. I think I know what you mean they are quite a tight fit I don't think LV will do it as it's not strictly a repair. maybe an opticians if you dare
  4. actually i think LV will not help you to fit the sunglasses as they are not optometrists. you will have to go to an optician to fit the sunglasses.

    that's what i think anyway, because they can't even make an additional hole for my watch strap. which i found a bit disappointing lol!
  5. those two bars that fold are called "temples" ;) and im pretty sure they have an eyewear specialist who will take care of this. they would probably send it to an optician to have it adjusted. i would rather it go through LV than go strait to someone else because it might void the warranty.
  6. ^
    Yes, always go to LV first. Just in case. They know their products the best.
  7. Yea LV dont fit the sunglasses for u .. u have to go to a optometrist... !