Millionaire Sunglasses Phone Call

  1. I just got a call from LV in NY asking me for my credit card information.
    They needed it to make sure that wanted them to hold a pair of the Millionaire sunglasses for me.
    My card will not be charged and if I decide that I don't want them, then it's no problem.
    I wasn't surprized that they called because I read Matt's posts and knew that he had to do the same thing.
    If any of you are on the waiting list, don't be surprized when you get a phone call.
    I can't wait to get another call, telling me that they are in the store waiting for me.
    I asked them to hold both a black and a teal pair for me.
    They might not even fit my face, but I really love them and I just have to see.
  2. yay!!!!
  3. Supposely they are so limited they are only selling it to those who already have their credit card information down.
  4. ^
    Yep they are super duper limited My store isen't schdualed to get any at all, but I'm still on the list.
  5. congrats ! post pics when you get them
  6. My SA just contacted me about these too, I hope my bf likes them :smile:
  7. good luck!
  8. surprisingly they had one in store in my place in Kuala Lumpur.its the black one.

    my SA told me that they've been working on selling it and no customer showed interest (likely becoz of the price) so the branch manager bought it( i presumed w/ big discounts...). it was unbvelieveable i know!! so i had my name put up on the teal too. cant wait!!
  9. Apparantly according to my SA a few had come in to the toronto store and was sold to someone, but the real shipment will be in a few weeks, it's extremely limited but they are not taking deposits here, only names on the waitlist, I can't wait!
  10. I CANNOT wait till mine come in!! im trying not to spend my $ lol
  11. when is the official release date?
    I've put my name on the list today. I'm number 1 on the list.
  12. I keep hearing August but my SA spoke with the HEAD person is accessories/sunglasses and they said October, but idk now since some say their stores have them?
  13. at first i didnt believe it when my SA told me. but when theyve confirmed that it's actually the Millionaires....i was speechless!! how can they have it likee sooo early now. and its only Kuala Lumpur. =p
  14. My SA is saying withing the next 2 weeks now! I saw the colours today, I really don't know now becuase the black is identical to the older black but the puple and teal aren't solid colours, they are almost a little bit clear which I do not like! ARRRGH! They had a little book of sunglasses and the milionaire's were the first one's when you opened up the book, it showed the glasses in teal and then in the corner the other two colours, and then it showed the coffin box in another corner!
  15. My store in NZ will have them in 3 weeks, can't wait!