Millionaire Eyewear

  1. Here are my new eyewears. I am still waiting for the purple one to come :graucho:
  2. I am green with envy! :greengrin:
  3. Oooooo I'm dying to see the Purple! :yes:
  4. Wow! Congrats, they looks amazing!
  5. NIIIIIIIIIIIICE!!!! :drool:
  6. Wow, very nice! Any chance for some modeling pics?
  7. Nice!!!!
  8. Awsome!
  9. Would love to see modelling pics!
  10. we! want! modeling! pics!
    purple sounds nice...congrats
  11. Wow! I really love these.
  12. wohooo they are so hot!
  13. Wow, four of them?! Nice!!
  14. Looks amazing, modelling pic pls!!
  15. WOW :drool: