Million dollar question that hunts me!!!

  1. Hi guys... ive been collecting bags for so many years now..and i know almost everyone here too..Mostly are really expensive bags.. But my husband ask me this question..The question that made me it goes..

    Would you rather keep treasures in heaven or keep treasure in your closet? in other words Would you rather help someone who is in very much in need of food,clothing and shelter for christmas :crybaby:instead of buying your favorite bag.? Please post your comment thank you so much!!!
  2. hmmm....thats a very valid point. I tend to off set what i purchase for myself by donating every month to Save The Children. It's nice to do something for others.
  3. I know...sometimes everytime i open my closet and i say to myself OMG i can feed a lot of family who just need something to eat for christmas.. and here i am standing infront of the things that i cant bring when i die..
  4. I spend more on other than myself during the holidays. It's fun to give :yes:
  5. I spend nothing on myself during the holidays, and during our christmas party I do a toys for tots fund raiser :] But after christmas is when I go crazy.
  6. This time of year I am a Secret Santa to needy families in the Boston Area. The Post office here collects all the letters from children in need written to Santa (which come through their post office) and then on an anon. basis people can sign up to fulfill the wish list. My husband and I each adopt a family for the holidays and provide needed items like snow pants, mittens, hats, long johns and also payments to their electricity and heating bills. Also to make it special for the kids donors are asked to give some fun things like toys for the kids. We both really enjoy doing this, it is great fun and I like helping others.

    During the rest of the year I donate either my time at Nursing Homes or I make donations to the Girls and Boys Clubs of Boston to provide sporting equipment, etc.

    I think if you can afford to do it, even a small amount can make a big difference to those in need. Thanks for posting. Happy Holidays to everyone!
  7. Hi irish!!! i would love to do that one day...thanks for posting!!
  8. what a great point! Even i have % of paycheck goes to donation monthly, I still don't think it justify putting myself in front of others.....*sigh* Thanks to this valid point, i can now persuade the impulsive buying side of me if I'm on the fence :yes:
  9. I make it a point to donate time, money and goods all year not just during the holidays. But I do try and step it up during the holidays and give to family and animal causes. I know that there is always more I could do, but if everyone just did something the world would be better.
  10. I think you can do both. It's not a crime to have/want nice things and it is very nice to be able to donate money/time/effort to charitable causes.
  11. Honestly, I work hard to earn money to buy my "treasures"; it keeps me happy doing what I do as well as make sure I come home sane. Being able to buy what I like keeps me working...working means more money.

    The food bank or salvation army wouldn't be getting anything from me if I didn't to me it's all relative.
  12. I personally think that sometimes it's good to pamper yourself and there's nothing wrong with it. Helping other people in need is also important, but you simply can't do that all the time because there is no limit in helping people.

    Just give how much you really want to give to help other people and use the rest for something else (buying xmas present for your family, etc)

    Oh another point to raise: How do we know if Heaven really exists? hehehe...
  13. What did YOU tell your spouse in response to his question ??
  14. It's possible to do both. However, I do wonder who spends more on charity than they do on LVs. I know I don't because there are just too many things I want for myself :s

  15. True, each month i save money for things that i want to buy.. and i can tell, i have to save for a long time till i can afford a LV bag. But when i have one, i would be very satisfied and proud of myself.
    You can earn money anytime, but being proud and satisfy not.

    Helping people in need is good and it feels good, so i will donate a small amout whenever i can.
    And i donate also clothes/shoes/bags that i don't wear anymore.