Million dollar Mercedes

  1. I remember a thread somewhere about the million dollar Mercedes. Well I actually got a chance to see it in person. About 2 weeks ago I went to a drifting contest. I was roaming around and BAM, all I could see was this bling bling car. Ran over to it, and there it was. The million dollar Mercedes. Ok I didn't get to touch the thing, which I really wanted to. But OH BOY!!! That thing was super sparkly. At first glance I thought it was shimmery paint. But it's actually encrusted with 'diamonds'. I'm not sure if they're real or not, lol. I couldn't help but imagine driving it around and just blinding everyone around you. The sun was hitting the front of the car and everytime I looked, I had to look away. It sure looked pretty though. The pics don't even compare to how sparkly it looked IRL. I could totally see Paris driving that though. Especially with the fluffy seats.
    1mil.jpg 1mill.jpg
  2. wow, if I own that car I think I'll just display it on a museum like garage since I'll be paranoid that it will be scratched, :nuts:
  3. Diamonds really are a girl's best friend!:yes:
  4. i do like the sparkles.. but i think i could find a better use for a million bucks :smile:
  5. it reminds me of liberace's car
  6. Wow! I guess there are more expensive things to collect than handbags...
  7. Wow. Yeah if I had that and scratched it I'd be getting out to pick up all the pieces! Lol teehee
  8. wow
  9. The glare must be horrid!
  10. i hope it comes with sunglasses..
  11. I'd love to see that ( it was me who posted it)

    I think it was about 4 million though

    so was it hot???
  12. I've never seen such a beautiful car before...
    If I had been there, I would of hoppped over that rope and touched it! When will you ever get an opportunity like that again? And the worse that could happen is that someone would say, "Hey, don't touch that!" Right?
  13. LOL you have no idea! WAY HOT!! I could see every little diamond. Not sure on the actual price, but they had a banner stating, 1 Million dollar car.
    I remember it was posted and when I first saw. I yelled at my bf.. OMG that's the car from tPF!!
  14. Haha true! I would have loved to sit in it though. I bet if I took my shirt off the guys around it would let me! yeah right!! I'd probably get thrown out. Hope they'll bring it around next year, lol. Then maybe I'll get the courage to sneak under and touch it.. lol
  15. Whoever owns that car should have just bought a Bugatti. :p