Million Dollar Listing - Miami

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  1. “Million Dollar Listing Miami” cast unveiled

    After months of speculation, Bravo finally revealed the cast of “Million Dollar Listing Miami.”
    The network announced on Tuesday that Samantha DeBianchi and Douglas Elliman Real Estate’s Chad Carroll and Chris Leavitt are the three brokers to be featured on the new show, which premiers in June. World of Wonder Productions is the producer of the Miami edition of “Million Dollar Listing.” Bravo is counting on the Miami series to emulate the successful New York and Los Angeles versions.

    “With a surging market in South Florida, properties are selling for record rates and agents are cashing in on massive commissions like never before,” Bravo said in Tuesday’s written announcement. “Business can get heated as the brokers attempt to make a name for themselves and outshine their competition by landing the next listing.” [Bravo] — Eric Kalis
  2. I see Chris will be the annoying one.
  3. Oh yeah. I'm really not feeling this show at all like I do LA and NYC. And the girl reminds me of Bethanny, I think its the eyes.
  4. Thanks for posting this. I didn't watch it as the previews looked meh.

    I'm still in mourning that MDLNY is over for the season. Only Bravo show that I still watch.
    This post doesn't belong here.... BUT I read today that Bethenny is being considered for The View!
  5. Not really feeling this show either. I accidentally tuned in expecting the ny reunion. Talk about disappointing :/
  6. This show was awful. Did not like the homes or the cast. I miss the New York version already.
  7. Yeah, I love looking at homes, but this show was boring. Next.

    Ready for LA
  8. i didn't tune in and usually i love these shows, love to see the high dollar real estate and the fashion, bags, shoes, etc ... on the female clients and brokers. my favorite was that show on HGTV with the mom and her daughter in NY, "Selling New York," ... lots of Chanel, Hermes, LV, CL shoes.
  9. Not holding my interest for sure....
  10. I loved Selling NY too. I would keep count of the Birkins they toted all over.

    I will be giving MDLM a shot--I've recorded it, just haven't watched yet. To be fair, I didn't immediately like the LA version at first, the guys had to grow on me.
  11. I turned it off after the intro and first 5 minutes. meh
  12. Dreadful.

  13. I loved that show too!

    I guess it never came back since new episodes never aired
  14. oh yeah, that mom and her two girls had multiple Birkins ... lots of great eye candy for those of us who love our bags.
  15. I expected more real estate and less backstory about the brokers. The other two franchises has more hustle to it. We have been on the same properties for two episodes. And no end result. If this was NY Ryan and Freddie would have sold or at least fake sold these places within the first half hour.