Million Dollar Cell Phone

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  1. enough spamming of your blog.
  2. overpriced rubbish and not even nice looking
  3. holy hell. i'm all for bling but that's just ridiculous...

    i'm with's not even good looking.
  4. would never buy it even if i had the money...hehe
  5. that is a waste and not even attractive looking
  6. I'm expecting to see a hip hop mogol sporting this any day now.
  7. Definitely not good for me b/c I lose and drop my cell phone all the time!!

    ...oh, and I don't have $1 million ;)
  8. oh dear god, lol i would never buy that!!
  9. :amazed: a million buck for a cell phone? :cry:
  10. If a man comes along with it... say Mc Dreamy, then yes. Other than that.... HELL NO!
  11. :hrmm: just a litte over the top
  12. I wonder how much that baby weighs.
  13. Million dollar cell phone???:blink:Ridiculous.
  14. it has a little to much bling for my tastes. and it's just a tad bit over budget.
  15. Ridiculous!!!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.