Million Dollar Babes: anybody's a member?

  1. Hi!! I'm tempted to buy a (platinum) membership for Million Dollar Babes sales in London, but I was really wondering whether it is really worth the money :confused1: I mean, do you really have good stuff at good prices? I'd very much appreciate any feedback!! :yes:
  2. if you do a search for billion dollar babes in the deals and steals category you'll find a thread where a few women said they are members.
  3. Thanks!! I tried to find a thread yesterday but couldn't :shame: I guess I'll have to give it another try.
    Thanks a lot!!! :flowers:
  4. Are you searching for billion dollar babes or million dollar babes? It is Billion Dollar Babes, not Million.
  5. Definitely worth the money.
  6. LOL I haven't realised about the typo!!!
    I'm referring to BILLION Dollar Babes, in London
    (tks for pointing this out!!)

    I'd like to close the thread because I'm kinda asking the wrong question, but it seems I cannot do it!!!! How embarrassing can this is?? Time for a vacation, I think!!!