Millie tote?

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  1. Has anyone seen the Millie totes in person? I really love the shape. The regular sized tote looks quite big but I prefer that style over the crossbody "small" version, although they seem to be similar in size. Is there a big difference between the two other than the strap?
  2. I haven't seen them in person, but this is the bag I'm most interested in for fall. It's such a great style! I'm a smaller-bag person (even the small may be too big for me once I see it), and I actually prefer that the smaller one only has one handle. There's 4" difference in height and 3.5" in width between the two sizes, which isn't a huge difference but would be noticeable. I got the small Hampstead this spring that is also supposed to be a crossbody, but I've just worn it as a shoulder bag. Personally there are only small bags (e.g., Gucci Disco, Chloe mini Marcie) that I like to wear as a crossbody.
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