Millie is 8 months post chemo and cancer free! Be happy for her!

  1. Some of you know that in August 06 we adopted Millie, the black doxie in my avatar. She had been used as a ***** in a puppy mill for her 6 years. When we got her we were heartbroken to find that she had mammary tumor cancer. We had her treated with canine chemo at a great animal cancer treatment center for 6 months. Since the treatment ended she has been staged every 2 months. Friday, she was 8 months post chemo, and no cancer in her ultrasound or x-rays. :yahoo:

    We have been doing the happy dance ever since.
  2. That is great news! Congrats!
  3. That's wonderful news!! :yahoo:
  4. Another happy Doxie story - melts my heart to goo!!!
    Lots of love, and tell your gal she done good! :love:
  5. Yay!!!!!!!! That is such great news! What a strong little girl she is :love: Give her a big hug from us!
  6. That is wonderful! You must be so relieved. Congratz!
  7. God is so good!!!
    im happy for you!!
    hope she has a long healthy life!
  8. Thanks so much everyone, this type of good news is better if others can hear it too!
  9. That's awesome!! I'm glad she's doing so well.
  10. That is so wonderful! Glad she is healthy!!!
  11. That's so wonderful, Jody. Yay for your little girl. We've had 2 dogs with cancer, one had chemo. It takes a dedicated owner to follow through with it every week, and it can be hard on the dog. I'm thrilled that it's been successful.:yahoo:
  12. You are a wonderful mommy, Irishgal. Cheers to good health for you and your pups!
  13. Your such a good person to adopt and take care of a dog with problems. I have always adopted and rescued my dogs and like to hear when others do too. Congrats and Yay for Millie.
  14. What wonderful news for you and Millie! She already hit the jackpot when you rescued her from her former like - and I'm sure every day is a gift for her!
  15. :flowers:
    Yay for Millie!!!​