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  1. I finally purchased my first Miller!! I originally ordered size 9 (typical TB size) and they seemed so big with lots of extra sandal in the back. So I then ordered the 8.5 and was so surprised to find the logo on the 8.5 so much smaller! I assume this is normal? The 8.5 just fits but does the small one look too small? Would love some expert advice! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462586661.443112.jpg

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  2. That is funny the inconsistencies, I don't think that anyone would notice though, I have the same gold pebbled leather ones.
    Not to hijack your thread but I also just had a strange thing happen with a pair of Millers. I ordered a size 8 which is my standard size in TB shoes and the whole top part of the sandal is too big, my foot is swimming around in the top part, they are so loose that I will not be able to keep them on. I have another pair so I can't image what happened. The worst part is that they were on sale a couple of weeks ago so I got them for a great price and there are no more to exchange them for.

  3. Thanks Lettuceshop! I think I'll keep the 9.. I suppose I'd rather it be a tad bigger than looking too small. That's so strange about your millers also! I remember seeing a pair on sale on the TB website and contemplated getting them but the shoe had awful reviews and everyone was commenting on how they didn't fit right. I wonder if it's the same style you purchased?
  4. I had my sister in law try them and they fit her strangely too, I guess I'll send them back with a comment that I think they are defective.

  5. I wonder if that's why they were on sale? It's such a shame to get a pair millers for a good price and not be able to keep them ☹️.
  6. I don't think that's the reason they were on sale, they are a reputable company and I have many things from them, I think I just had bad luck and got a pair that were a little over sized. I'm sending them back tomorrow and I've already ordered a replacement pair of shoes...hee hee, something I know fits well. Did you keep the gold pair?

  7. That's true. I do have several TB shoes and never a problem. What replacement pair did you order? I'm still contemplating the gold. I like them but now I'm wondering if I would get more use from the vachetta color.
  8. I ordered the Raya Mule in the vanilla color or as TB says...Dulce De Leche. I bought a pair in sand in the Thanksgiving sale and I love them. I have been waiting for these to go on sale. I would have preferred to get them a bit cheaper than I did but I knew they would sell out, I bought the last pair. None of the department stores got this color in so I was happy to grab them.

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  9. I wear my vachetta ones all.the.time in the summer. They go great with lighter pastel colors when you wouldn't necessarily have that color shoe... Or multicolor maxi dresses where you can't match a color specifically and it has no black.
  10. They look really nice on you. I just tried on a pair the other day and they looked awful! Since I have small & narrow feet there was a huge space between the logo and my foot. Ugh.. such a pain since I think they're beautiful sandals and I found some for $130.