Miller Analogies Test...Anyone taken it?

  1. So, it's time to apply to grad school and I have to take the Miller Analogies Test (MAT) Has anyone here taken it? Any tips?

    Please share any info you have. TIA :smile::smartass:
  2. If I didn't take that exact test, I'm sure I took one like it. I entered a master's counseling program and they threw every test under the sun at us, including the dreaded MMPI. For a test like this, what's on the market these days for test preparation in bookstores? Usually a little review is all it takes. If you're a fairly logical person, you shouldn't have any trouble. Good luck!
  3. I took it but it was so long ago I don't recall. I am no help at all!
  4. I took it a long time ago. I was non-matriculated at Villanova and took it after I had 12 credits. It was required. I went in blind. I figured I was already a paying student with straight A's so what would they do? Kick me out? I don't believe in those tests. I had a 3.91 GPA for my Master's Degree. On thing that keeps me out of Law School, besides $$$ is the LSAT...
  5. I agree with you so totally about the value (not) of most standardized tests. IMO, most just show who's good at test-taking, not how you will do in college, can you think critically, can you apply what you learn, etc. My younger son was awful at test-taking, yet he graduated summa cum laude undergrad and has an MA too.