Milleni Italian Leather Handbags Up To 70% Off

  1. The prices seem too good to be true. Has anyone ever ordered from them? I did a search but found more questions and no answers.
  2. I haven't purchased a Milleni handbag....sorry! I wish I could be of more help. I did find this article however.

    Milleni Handbags

    Since establishment in 1984, international long term associations, product design, development and control of quality and production have culminated in Milleni becoming the largest supplier and leading brand name of its range in the Southern Hemisphere-servicing in excess of 3500 retail outlets in Australia and New Zealand, with own representation in all cities.
    The Milleni head office is located in Melbourne and consists of 30,000 square feet of offices, showrooms and warehouses with like facilities in Sydney. This on shelf storage back up as well as professional representation and warehousing in all other states ensures retailers have immediate viewing, selection and stock availability at their fingertips.
    Milleni Mission statement

    To become and remain Australia's foremost manufacturer, importer and distributor of fine leather goods including bags, wallets, travel goods and associated fashion accessories.