Milla PM or Eva INSIDE a Speedy 25?

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  1. #1 Jan 26, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2009
    HELP please! I currently own a speedy 25 which i love. i would like my next purchase to be a small clutch/purse that i can take with me to go out with (dancing, drinks, etc.) and that i can carry on my shoulder, thus the milla mm or eva. but i would also like to be able to fit this smaller clutch/purse inside my speedy 25. i'm pretty sure that the milla fits in their quite well. but my question is, will the eva fit in my speedy 25 comfortably, or is it too big? haven't gotten a chance to go to the store yet, but am curious about the eva since i've heard people like it better because its bigger, versatile, and more bang for the buck. what do you guys think?

    thanks so much in advance! :smile:

    PS - i originally said milla pm but i really meant mm after the first couple of replies. got confused SORRY!
  2. how about the Milla MM? it's a little big bigger than the PM but will still easily slide into your speedy 25.
  3. i think milla pm is too small for night bag.. and Im feeling eva will be too big for speedy 25
  4. i don't have eva, but i have mono and damier Sophies....

    and i just tried it in my cherry speedy and it fits. but i know eva is little thicker and puffer on the side so it might be a tight go in. i had to kinda bend the bag to get it in since speedy's opening is kinda small - but once it's in there, it was ok.

    then again, i tried it when speedy was empty, it might be hard to get the eva in and out when you have other things in there.
    the thick gold chain might add more weight on your speedy too!! lol
    sorry, can't explain well.... i would say Milla!
  5. ^^^ ok i just changed my mind.... get eva, it's pretty for night out!!

    i'm sure it fit no prob..... oh here is an idea, get eva and speedy 30!!! :graucho: :heart: ;)
  6. thanks virginia! i really did mean to say mm... maybe i should have said the bigger milla lol...
  7. I just tried, and eva just fits into my 25. I am not sure how it would be with other stuff in it. I do not use my 25 much anymore - she is little small for me everyday. After the eva slids in, I just had to make her sit. I tried to take a few pics for you, hopfully they will help some.

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  8. awww thank you so much princesskara! that is soooo sweet of you to take pictures for me! it was really helpful to see that the eva actually fits in the 25... if i bought the eva, i'd probably let it sit just like that and have my insolite wallet and my journal positioned the same way... thanks a bunch! =)
  9. No problem - I how you get and enjoy eva. I put her in my bag daily, and on major shopping trips or vacation have used it with the long strap. I have not yet used it as a clutch, but it would be great as that as well!
  10. I say: if you want a clubbing/going out pochette, get the Eva (she's just sooooooooo cute to hide it inside a Speedy!!). If you want a pochette to carry inside your Speedy, then get the Milla.
  11. i think the Milla PM would be more reasonable to fit in a Speedy 25 as the Eva is more of a clutch that can be used alone.
  12. The only thing that fit in the mc milla was my iphone,a small camera and keys. Its so cute, but not very functional. I had to return it. I think if you want mc, go with the kate. Its so much more roomy and I think it is probably the same size as the eva. I do wish the kate has the chain like the milla.
  13. I have the milla mm for my galleria pm and it is it....I put it on the chain and d ring and it makes it so easy to find my essentials....