Milla Jovovich and Paul Anderson expecting first child

  1. Model/actress/designer Milla Jovovich, 31, and her fiance, director Paul W.S. Anderson, 42, are expecting their first child this fall.
    This will be the first child for the couple. They started dating in 2002, when Anderson directed the Ukranian-born Jovovich in the movie Resident Evil. They have reportedly been engaged since March 2003.

    I really like Milla and wish her and her family all the best!
  2. ah no wonder she's been gaining weight lately welll congrats and i wish them the best =)

    its always nice to hear about preg. celebs
  3. Thanks for sharing the good news. I'm a fan of Milla.

    Congrats to the happy couple. I wonder if Jovovich-Hawk will start a maternity line soon?! Hehehe
  4. I love Mila!! Congrats to them!!
  5. Good news !! I wish them both well.
  6. ahh lovely news. That will be one pretty baby :smile:
  7. soooo for clearance it's NOT Paul Thomas Anderson (dir. of magnolia, boogie nights, punch drunk love, etc) right?
  8. ^^I think it is.

    Congrats to them.
  9. best wishes to the lucky couple.
  10. <----- as you can see, i love milla!
  11. congrats - love her!
  12. Right...not the same guy. This Paul is Paul W.S. Anderson who directed Milla in Resident Evil. He also directed Alien vs. Predator.
  13. Congrats to them! :biggrin: Any recent pics of Milla?!
  14. I am a fan of Milla and that is great that she is having a baby. I wish her a happy pregnancy. I didn't even know that she got herself another boyfriend.
  15. milla jovovich and fiance, paul anderson, leaving koi in west hollywood 2 weeks ago.



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