1. What kind do you buy, if you buy it?

    Regular, organic, whole, skim, 2%, etc.?

    I have been buying organic 2%-it is quite a bit more expensive than the regualr stuff-but I think it tastes soo much better. Anyway-if I get it from FreshDirect, the price is better.
  2. I only buy organic, I have 3 children and am trying to limit their hormone exposure, especially for my DD.
    I buy her skim or 1% and the twins drink organic whole for now.

    Before anyone assumes I'm trying to 'diet' my DD and bulk up my twins sons. . . it's reommended to give children under 2 whole milk, then you can switch to lower fat milk. My DD is 5 and my twins are 23 mos.
  3. Anyone notice how much 'cleaner' organic seems?
    If I pour out day old organic milk, it still looks fresh and doesn't stink. But when I pour out day old reg milk out of a sippy cup it's all clumpy and heimous smelling!
  4. Semi-Skimmed for me :biggrin:
  5. Full fat pasturised?
    I like microfiltered, though, it tastes so clean and full.
  6. I only drink soy milk. I get sick when I drink regular kind :cry:
  7. lowfat 2%..the doctor said whole milk will make you gain pounds. So, I stopped drinking whole milk vitamin D. They both taste great to me.
  8. 2% milk, and organic whenever I can. Is anyone familiar with the European view of milk? I heard that they stop giving milk to their kids at an early age because they feel that it doesn't digest/process in the human body well (afterall, it's made for baby calves) Americans are much more into giving milk into teenage years and beyond
    Is this true? Any thoughts?
  9. Organic skim or 2%

    I actually get most of my dairy through cheese, yogurt and ice cream, though:smile:
  10. I glass of soymilk everyday... I even order soy at Starbucks.
  11. Right now, I'm putting fat free skim in my protein shakes twice a day. We buy 2% for my daughter. We haven't had whole milk since I don't know when!
  12. Me too and I'm told that other types of dairy (like cheese) process in the body better... (don't know this for sure though!)
  13. semi-skimmed...i like the taste better:greengrin:
  14. skimmy all the way :smile:
  15. Skimmed for me, semi skimmed for my son....and semi skimmed in tea for me.:smile:
    I'm quite fussy with milk, i hate the smell of it :shame: so skimmed is perfect because it's almost watery!