Milk Bottle Teats Popping out

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  1. Hi, My baby when drinking milk sometimes suck till the teat is flat. When I try to unflat the teat I need to unfasten the bottle ring to do it and hears a large pop sound. Can anyone advice why do teat become flat with this pop sound? Thanks
  2. It's because there isn't any air getting into the bottle to balance the pressure. When the teat is flat, the pressure inside of the bottle is less than it is outside :smile:

    What type of bottle are you using? :smile:
  3. If you twist the bottle, or periodically take the nipple out of the baby's mouth to release pressure, it should stop the collapsing.

    Dr. Brown's bottles don't do that because of the positive pressure system. You might want to try those.
  4. ^I agree, I twisted the bottle occasionally during the feeding.
  5. Thanks for all the replies :smile:. Will try the twisting technique :yes:.

    Usually the teat will resume to normal size when i take it out from baby's mouth. But recently 2-3 times the teat is flat and it falls partially under the bottle ring. I had to unfasten the ring while grabbing tightly onto the teat but once i didn't hold on tight enough and the teat falls into the bottle :sweatdrop:.

    I'm using wide neck bottle from Pigeon brand.
  6. That's because it's creating a vacuum seal that makes it collapse. Once my son made it completely invert inside the bottle. You also probably want to move to the Stage 2 nipple so more milk flows out. Your baby will suck less fiercely and it will help release the pressure.
  7. ^ this morning the teat went flat again lol and yup i'm changing the teat to see if it helps :biggrin: