Military Saffiano Tote

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  1. Have you tried calling some boutiques?
  2. I tried and they said it's sold out I'm hoping maybe some department store would have them???

  3. oh boo...Goodluck on your search!
  4. Phone Nordstrom's, they'll do a company search.
  5. I saw one about a week and a half ago we
    at the Mall at Short Hills, NJ boutique!! The S.A. was showing it to me as it is limited edition but it just isn't my color. Wonder if they're sold out too??
  6. I didn't know Nordstroms carried Prada. That's good to know.
  7. Just bought one last week at Saks Walt Whitman mall Huntington NY. Bought black in NYC but couldn't get that military green out of my head. Good luck! The color is TDF! If I may say so myself. I bought bn2274 but I think they have the one without the strap, sorry I don't know the style #. Ask for Liz.
  8. Oh really1?!? The $1810 one?:nuts:

  9. bn2274 in Militaire is sold out nationwide. I checked the stock for you. bn1786 and bn1801 however, in that color are still available.
  10. Certain stores stock it. A couple of the Seattle stores do.