Milia from makeup

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  1. Does anyone get milia (tiny white blumps) on their eyelids from Mac paint pots or Urbay Decay primer potion? I don't usually get milia on my eyelids but I just discovered a tiny one and was wondering if it's from those.
  2. I have never had an issue with milia on my eyelids.
  3. It usually comes from your moisturizer or eyecream but I guess its possible to develop them from paint pots or primer potions. Have you changed your skincare/eyecare routine withing the past few weeks or months?
  4. no, not really except I've used a mac shadestick for a few days in a row and paint pots too. I really don't want them to clog pores cause I love paint pots! So I'm on the hunt now for a non-comedogenic eye cream or gel but can't find any good ones!
  5. For the eye cream, did you have a price range in mind? Department store or drugstore preference?
  6. I get Milia frequently, and have found its from anything with mineral oil in it. I use U/D and MAC paintpots, and havent noticed that they increase from that. I did notice I got a few right after I started using MAC liquid M/U remover. I stopped using it and havent gotten any more in awhile.

    Korres products are PERFECTION for moisturizers, and they do not use mineral oils or any other synthetic products.
  7. ^ooh! Agreed-love Korres!
  8. I Love Korres!! I have their foundation, lip balm, mascara and concealer. I was researching their stuff online on sephora for hours, can't decide which eye cream or moisturizer to get. Which particular one do you recommend?

  9. Oh I'm relieved that you were able to use use U/D and painpots, good news!
  10. I think some people are more predisposed to milia than others as well. I get a milium on this one spot above my right eye. I get rid of it, and it stays gone for a while and then comes back in that same spot. It appears regardless of what I use (or don't use).