Mileys top

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  1. Can someone Id her top. I love her Balenciaga bag:hysteric:[​IMG]
  2. I love that top...I hope we find it.
  3. Hm... knowing who is wearing it... it's probably some $200 dollar top on or something... but I know you could find similar at forever 21 forlike... 10 bucks...

  4. Very true Luna:tup:
  5. its very nice, i like it..woudlnt pay 200 but maybe 100
  6. its cute but nothing special. i dont know where you would be able to find the exact one, but it seems like it would be fairly simple to find it at any forever 21 type store.
  7. i saw a similar one in bloomingdales the other day brand was LAMADE
  8. I agree with ALL THE LADIES ABOVE that said it could be found @ Forever 21 or some simple non designer branded store.

    That shirt looks like it's worth AT MOST $18.00 or maybe $20.00, but I would not pay $200 for it. LOL!
  9. The top is simple, it should really cost only $20 MAX.
  10. CC california makes similar stuff ^^ and maybe cheaper?
  11. Bronte great find. Thanks girls