Miley Cyrus

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  1. Puppy! No comment on the person holding it.
  2. What is that strange dark patch growing on the inside of her lower lip? She should get that checked out by a doctor.

    I hope this puppy has better luck than her last one.
  3. The thing on the inside of her lip is a tattoo I believe.

    Anyway. Her new puppy is adorable! Glad to see she's somewhat happy after Floyd's death.
  4. During her performances on tour she likes to writhe around wearing revealing outfits while making out with her back-up dancers.

    But in between concerts Miley Cyrus is choosing comfort over controversy.

    The 21-year-old was decked out in a long gold satin kimono-inspired dress as she exited her New York hotel holding her adorable dog Emu on Saturday.

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  5. She's gonna be burned out out by 25.
  6. I cannot get over how adorable her new doggy is :smile:
  7. 'You should be glad to have me!' New report claims Miley Cyrus screamed at hotel management after being reprimanded for raucous behaviour

    Miley Cyrus yelled at hotel management in Philadelphia earlier this month after being reprimanded for raucous behaviour, a new report claims.
    The 21-year-old reportedly told management at the Greenwich Hotel ''they should be glad to have her' after she 'spent so much money'.
    A source told Life & Style that the establishment had received a number of complaints from other guests regarding the behaviour of the pop star's posse.


    Throwing a fit: Miley Cyrus is reported to have yelled at hotel management on August 2 in Philadelphia, pictured in Los Angeles in January

    'It was like a tornado hit the lobby,' the insider claimed. 'Miley and her posse took over, screaming and carrying on so much that management received a number of complaints.'
    'Led by Miley, someone in the group was smoking pot, and they were swearing loudly and throwing themselves all over the expensive furniture,' the source added.
    But once the staff asked the Wrecking Ball singer to keep things down she is claimed to have flipped out, saying,'she’s spent so much money there that they should be glad to have her.'


    Raucous: The report claims the star told off management after they asked her to keep it down, pictured in November at the AMAs
    Miley Cyrus' tongue twisting antics on Bangerz Tour

    The alleged incident took place on August 2 after her Bangerz concert in Philadelphia.
    Meanwhile, Miley has shocked the world with her revealing costumes and rebellious antics on stage across the globe.

    And now NBC is under fire for broadcasting Miley Cyrus' Bangerz tour, after her tongue tactics proved unsavoury with viewers.


    Hot water: NBC is reportedly under fire after airing Miley Cryus' Bangerz Tour

    TMZ reports that NBC received a barrage of complaints from viewers over the suggestive choreography, scantily-clad dancers wearing stripper costumes, and Miley writing around in a bed with semi-naked men and women.

    In one section of the show Miley is also seen grinding against a man dressed as Abraham Lincoln.

    TMZ report that the network may now face a possible fine after it aired the show on 6 July, pending an investigation by the FFC.
  8. I wish these entitled young stars will just go away specifically her and Bieber.
  9. Oh....I don't only comment about this poor girl is that she looks like she just doesn't change her underpants for days.
  10. This
  11. Really feeling the dollar bill leotard onesie and cowboy boots

    (said no one ever)
  12. To work that hard to look so cheap...
  13. Halllelujah!

    Her and Bieber's pictures are next to the dictionary definition of "try-hard." :rolleyes:
  14. Every time it start to discuss Beiber the bile rises

  15. To me they are like two sides of the same douchey coin.
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