Miley Cyrus

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  1. Wasn’t she involved with Caitlyn's Fake daughter in law?
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    I’m not convinced that was real. Miley had to have preplanned the Italian vacation scenario for the week she decided to announce the separation (and not so coincidentally release her breakup single) even though she and Liam have apparently been living apart for months. She wanted the media to show her having a great time without Liam and “oh look how outrageous I am!”

    Unless I’m mistaken, Miley and the Jenner ex went their separate ways as soon as they returned to LA. Time will tell, but for now it looks like the vacation was a publicity stunt to show both women having fun after their respective breakups.
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  3. the pendulum has sure swung ......years ago lesbians hid. now we have hetero women showing off that they have either switched teams or they like women as well as men. not that miley's exhibitionism would be any better if she was carrying on with a man...
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  4. you aren't the only one! :whut: if any career is - it would be hers.
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  5. Eh, sort of. I think he was hoping to become a movie star after Hunger Games and that didn't happen. He played the love interest to Rebel Wilson in a romantic comedy earlier this year and it was not a huge hit. That was the first movie he'd had come out in 3 years. I don't think he has anything to write home about on the horizon. Not saying his career is totally in the gutter or anything.
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  6. His career has to be better than the third lesser Hemsworth brother.
  7. Awww...come on now. Anyone in comparison to Chris is going to look like their career isn't so stellar. But Luke has actually worked really hard here in Australia first off, not trading on the family name, in tons of local productions and soaps such as Neighbours, before he made his jump to Hollywood where yes the family connection probably helped. But he's a good actor in his own right.

    He's currently in Westword, and he has a big Australian movie coming up called The 34th Battalion
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  8. Yes, Westworld was my introduction to the 3rd brother. They have quite the acting family don't they.
  9. Chris is gorgeous......I don't think I've ever seen Liam in a movie. (Oh, I guess maybe I did....I saw the first Hunger Games on TV; didn't really like it; not my genre)
  10. Has anyone seen photos of the Hemsworth dad? It’s obvious where the sons get their good looks and their fit bods, they all look like him. I saw a photo of him with Liam and he still looks pretty fine at his age. Their mother is very attractive too.
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  11. Wasn't Liam the first of the boys to go into Hollywood movies, before Chris? Personally, I've always thought Liam to be the most handsome of the 3, but that's my opinion!
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  12. Time is more harsh on women. It's harder to date when you're older, harder to have children when you're older, harder to retain your fame and beauty when you're older. I understand the need to be wild and free in your younger days, but youth doesn't last forever. If Miley doesn't mature up quickly, she'll start to feel pretty empty in due time.

    Liam may not be the guy for her. Not a big deal. But I wish her peace and happiness and the ability to hang on to that special person, when he/ she comes along. She's got her head up in the clouds right now. Sometimes when you experience too much fame and fortune at a young age, it's actually NOT a blessing.
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  13. ^Miley makes it extremely difficult to feel any sympathy for her. She isn't handling the separation with either dignity or tact. She comes across as being a real jerk.

    I don't know much about Liam but I hope he finds his special person since he appears to actually want one. Miley wants to make out in front of the cameras.
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  15. Whoa, he's being serious about this if he has retained Laura Wasser! However, I read somewhere that they signed a pre-nup, so I can only think that he's retained Laura more for "damage control"?!?!?!
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