Miley Cyrus

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  1. She was probably fun and sweet when they were alone and she didn't feel the need to be constantly showing off. But I bet she has a ton of emotional baggage. Maybe Liam is one of those misguided guys who thought he could "save" her. Miley doesn't want to be saved. She's happy twerking and licking her way into our hearts. :lol:
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  2. from little I know about her, she was raised by liberal, weed-smoking parents....There was an article in VF about her. she said when she was a young teen on the set of her TV show, people would come around her trailer thinking she was smoking weed but it was her parents who were smoking. seems like she's a free spirit raised with not much boundaries. and he's a more conventional person. maybe they tried and couldn't fit. but why go out and act the fool right after the separation? guess she craves attention.
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  3. My guess is she did it to show the world (and Liam) that she is just fine with the separation and she is moving on, whether that is how she actually feels or not.

    Miley's PR people are working hard to spin this. Here's an article where her sources are going around saying it was Liam's partying and moodiness that really caused the breakup.
  4. we don't know what happened between them or whose idea it was to split. but she is making herself look bad IMO.
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  5. her side needs to pick a story and stick with it!! first "sources" said he was trying to make her "betty homemaker" and wanted kids but now he was out partying while she was supposed to sit at home is what they want people to think now. :rolleyes:
  6. doesn't matter what they's her own actions that make her look bad
  7. Ah, things are starting to get ugly. Hold on folks, it's going to be a bumpy ride! :popcorn:

    Split Turns Nasty... DRUG, CHEATING CLAIMS


    It started out amicable, but the breakup between Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth is now in nasty territory ... with claims of drug use and infidelity.

    Sources with direct knowledge of the breakup are telling radically different stories. Sources from Miley's side tell TMZ, she tried valiantly to save the marriage and the dealbreaker was that Liam was drinking a lot and using certain drugs, and she wanted no part of it ... especially since she struggled with substance abuse in the past.

    Sources from Liam's side are calling BS, saying the drug and alcohol claims are designed to mask what they say really destroyed their marriage ... they claim infidelity on Miley's part.


    As you saw, Miley and Kaitlynn Carter were making out in Italy last Friday ... though our Miley sources made it clear ... she had broken up with Liam months earlier -- we're told Liam begs to differ.

    As one source put it, "This is another attempt by Miley to distract from her infidelity and recent outrageous public behavior."

    Miley and Liam got hitched last December, but have been together on and off for 10 years.
  8. In short, he wants a freak at home but she gotta behave in public. Ok then.
    Why are they even fighting about anything?
    They are both rich and have no children. Does one of those two individuals have a project that need to be pushed?
  9. So something to note about this- I'm wondering if she's not only doing this so she can save face, but not have to pay him his half of the earnings that were made in the marriage (or rather, get some $$$$$ out of him)? She hasn't made herself relevant recently (other than culture vulturing, but I digress...) and he is said to be one of the top picks for the next Marvel film franchise. He also seems to be taking the high road in this, and she's got a lovely case of what appears to be arrested development (which will not bode well in proceedings for her!)
  10. She is quite amazing in the show "A Very Murray Christmas":
  11. Never heard it called that before! :lol:
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  12. Excuse you, don't insult Golden Retrievers around the world, dear!
  13. There was not a prenup??
  14. My apologies! A long drooly tongue is perfectly appropriate for a retriever. On a young woman it is less appealing. :biggrin:
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  15. Who knows? They broke up during an earlier engagement when Miley wanted Liam to sign one. Whether they do or not shouldn't matter much. They were together such a brief time I doubt the money they earned in those months (days?) will factor into the divorce settlement. They should both walk away with what they came in with.
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