Miley Cyrus

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  1. She's known for her wild on-stage antics but when she's off duty, Miley Cyrus likes nothing more than hanging out with her family.

    On Saturday, the 21-year-old entertainer and her 14-year-old sister, Noah, went shopping at a Bed, Bath and Beyond store in Los Angeles where they picked up a pizza maker, cutting board and juice dispenser among other goodies.

    Miley and Noah held hands as they enjoyed some bonding time with the star’s new dog, a Rough Collie pup Emu, who she got to help her get over the death of her Alaskan Klee Kai, Floyd, three months ago.

    As a former child star, Miley understands the perils of being a youngster in the entertainment industry.

    And she recently admitted she is protective of her little sister following in her famous footsteps.

    'She's a natural entertainer. Sometimes I'll be like, "Oh my god, she's totally stealing my shine!" If she's in the room, all the attention is on Noah,' she recently told 2Day FM's Sophie Monk.

    'She's kind of like a natural at it. So I feel like, if she wanted to [be a star] I wouldn't stop her. But she's really into sports. She really loves horses, so I'm going to keep her on that and that kind of innocence as long as I can.

    'It takes someone really strong and someone who doesn't care what people think [to survive this industry].'

    The impressionable 14-year-old has recently been travelling with Miley on her Bangerz Tour where she dances in a cat costume and helps her big sister avoid wardrobe malfunctions.

    'She's with me all the time. She definitely does [keep me grounded],' Cyrus said.

    She does the dances with me the whole time. Sometimes she'll be doing them wrong and I'll notice I'm following her and doing the dance she's doing. So it's fun.

    'We just play with each other the entire show because it makes it easier when you have your family there. My mom [Tish] does the whole thing too, she'll go to the front and do all the dances with me.'

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  2. Speechless.
  3. Her new doggy is really cute!

  4. It's so weird that she tries to sound like a protective mother when she talks about her sister. What does she think being on tour with her is doing to her sister's "innocence"?
  5. Miley Cyrus will never forget her deceased dog ... because it's now emblazoned on her rib cage.

    Miley inked the memoriam Saturday at a house party in Los Angeles. For some reason ... her good buddy Wayne Coyne from The Flaming Lips and another friend tatted the same design in honor of Floyd -- an Alaskan Klee Kai that died when he was only 2.

    Floyd's death ... along with a bad reaction to antibiotics and hard partying ... led to Miley's meltdown earlier this year.

    It looks like Floyd's mug is the centerpiece of the tat with the words, "with a little help from my fwends."

    We'll always remember Floyd ... because we have to now.

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  6. Miley Cyrus Is Secretly Dating Producer Mike Will Made-It: Details

    Secret's out! Miley Cyrus has been discreetly dating her Bangerz album producer Mike Will Made-It for the past nine months, multiple sources reveal exclusively in the new issue of Us Weekly.

    "Everybody in her circle knows they've been together this whole time," a source close to the "Wrecking Ball" singer tells Us. Cyrus, 21, first started seeing the producer, 25, soon after splitting from her fiance Liam Hemsworth in September 2013.
    Another insider tells Us the duo have become "pretty serious." The "23" hitmaker has even won over Cyrus' mom, Tish Cyrus. "Tish says he's part of the family," the insider tells Us.

    Since being on her Bangerz tour, Cyrus has made a point to meet up with Mike Will Made-It. Despite not always being in the same city, the couple make sure to "talk and text all day, every day," the Cyrus source says.

    A witness tells Us the twosome were "all over each other" at a BET Awards bash on June 28. Not to mention, Us Weekly exclusively learned back in October 2013 that Cyrus spent a majority of her album release party "grinding all over [Mike Will Made-It], kissing his neck."

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  7. Mike Will is only 25?! Lies. Dude legit looks 35 to me :-s
  8. THAT is 25!??! He looks late 30s to me.

    The ruches pants, the untied laces, the scruffy facial hair…shudder!
  9. No way he's 25!
  10. This *&^%$ autocorrect! Ruched! Ruched!
  11. where are her sisters pants? poor child forgot to get dressed i guess
  12. he does look older then 25.
  13. the thing is..I think he's going to look like this for 30 years.

    She's been dating Mike for a long time right---but they didnt want it out that she was dating a black guy. Her relationship reminds me of that line from OITNB " know rich girl...wants to rebel against her parents....might date a girl...and if she's feeling really rebellious might even date a black guy."
  14. Now all her misappropriation of her black stage dancers isn't an issue. She's dating a black dude, guys! It's all good.
  15. :lol: