Miley Cyrus

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  1. Fresh thread! Archived one here.
  2. She's never one to hold back when it comes to shocking her fans and Miley Cyrus went a step further when she performed in concert as part of her Bangerz world tour on Sunday night.

    The 21-year-old pulled a series of racy moves as she took to the stage at the Hartwall Arena in Helsinki, Finland - and some were so racy that MailOnline have decided not to publish them.

    Miley wore her famous dollar-print leotard which she loves to wear on tour and was pictured showing the crowd her bottom as she danced provocatively around the stage.

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  3. I'm far more distracted with trying to figure out what that giant bobble head person/thing is than her flossing her a** with a....bra?

    Whatever it is creeping me out ! well, both things that is.

  4. It's supposed to be Big Sean. The song she's singing in those photos also has him singing in it, she has a lot of interesting "characters" come out while on stage.

    Anyway. I'm crossing my fingers in hopes of seeing her again in August.
  5. This is crass, but she looks like she's passing gas in the second photo, lol! Trashtastic.
  6. Omg why is she so gross? I can't fathom that there are people out there who find this thing attractive or sexy. She's such a creepy little thing.
  7. I hope you get to see her in August.

    I love how she doesn't take herself seriously. She's so much fun!

    My mom just became a fan of hers. She's loving the new Miley. LOL
  8. I feel like she does take her "pop star" persona quite seriously...
    Such a try-hard. I can only roll my eyes at her. But I guess her antics are working because she's never been more succesfull.
  9. And she looks like she's waving the smell away in the photo below it.

  10. Thank you so much! Have you ever seen her before? She puts on a fantastic show!

    I've loved the girl since her Hannah days and not taking herself so seriously is one of the things I love about her.

    Sounds like you have an awesome mother! My mom enjoys her as well and is a fan of her newest album, LOL!
  11. This!!
  12. Yes, agree
  13. Creepy and disgusting! On the close-up of her costume you can see she has her own face on the million dollar bills, complete with her big 'ol Labrador retriever tongue hanging out! :sick:
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  15. Everytime I see her dress.. I wonder if she has chronic yeast infections with those one pieces riding up her crotch. LOL
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