Miley Cyrus

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  1. I hope she isn't going on the same path as Lindsay and Britney!! I still can't believe that she's only 15!!!!
  2. Not a very age-appropriate dress, is it?

    I will admit that I am guilty of watching Hannah Montana sometimes :jammin:
  3. well put Hubba!
  4. ^but I think it is more 15 going on to be Paris....unfortunatly
  5. she looks way older than 15.
  6. yes - I agree.
    She does look way older than 15
  7. that little girl better keep her head in them books and in her career.
  8. Miley Cyrus enjoyed a little 'rude' fun on a recent flight from Los Angeles to London when she realized she was sharing the first class section with Las Vegas actor Josh Duhamel. Miley started texting the actor, who is engaged to singer Fergie, naughty, anonymous messages. Miley recalls:

    "He was on a plane with me to London and he was, like, really cool.. We had those things where we could text back and forth on little screens, and I kept texting him.

    I was, like, `Hey stud!' He didn't know which seat I was in, so I could tell him all these funny things (without being discovered). He was like, `What the heck is going on?' It was so awesome. He didn't text me back (because) it was rude.


  9. Radiant faced Miley Ray Cyrus, who appeared to have lightened her hair to a vibrant orange- red color, traveled to a recording studio in Burbank on Wednesday with Mommy Tish.

    more pictures here

    is the really necessary?

  10. SO unnecessary. Is she so precious that she is unable to hold an umbrella herself.

    Sorry but i cant stand Miley Cyrus lol
  11. Hmmmm :rolleyes:
  12. Oh boy..:rolleyes:
  13. She is just being Miley.... aka *expletives deleted*.
  14. ugh, I really don't like her. She's what? 15? And acting like a 20 - year old with all the make up, etc...
    I don't think she's a good role model for young girls to look up to either. This whole Disney channel hype is really getting out of control!!
  15. Even my husband was shocked at her gyrating on stage and being all sexy on American Idol the other night!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.