Miley Cyrus

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  3. Her hair is looking so much better without extensions. But those teeth in the first pic of the last series:lol:, maybe its just the expression she's making...
  4. Cute hair.
  5. I think she looks great!
  6. i wish a lot of these hollywood girls would cut of their extensions. miley's hair looks really good w/o them.
  7. Haha..maybe its bc she's trying not to show her gums. I remember 2/3 yrs ago, Jamie Foxx made a comment about her gums on the radio when someone asked him if he knew Miley, he was like "the one with all the gums? She needs a gum transplant"
  8. I love that last outfit!
  9. Aww that's mean!! I mean, showing a lot of gums is not pretty, but Miley can't help it...
  10. I doubt it. She would've gotten her gums lasered off by now. It also looks like she got veneers.
  11. they look too big for her mouth

  12. how would you describe a celine girl? edgier?
  13. I like 'em... Her real teeth were cute when she was a kid, but they look a helluva lot better now.
  14. Her pup looks evil
  15. she had a weird thing going on in there in the past few years, it seemed like invisible braces or spacers or something. It even made her talk weird.
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