Miley Cyrus Takes On Jessica Simpson's Trainer

  1. Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus, just 14 years old, has already hired a personal trainer. The same fitness guru that pop singer Jessica Simpson uses. In Touch magazine reports Miley has become more aware of her appearance, so she hired Jessica's trainer, Harley Pasternak, to shape her up. A friend says:

    "She obviously doesn't need to lose weight, she just wants to look great. She's very motivated."

    The full story is here

  2. She's 14! Shouldn't she just go out and play???
  3. She's only 14!?!

    What are they putting in the food these days?
  4. ^^^ Bovine growth hormone, etc. :rolleyes:

    I do like Miley though.
  5. i say it is better than starving herself and throwing up!
    whats so bad about working out? everybody likes looking and being healthy&toned, she may still be a young girl but a young girl under much pressure and public eye.
    though, I hope she considers braces as well... gwen stefani has done it, so can she!! :lol:
  6. She's already so thin though. She's not like how Hilary Duff was in her Lizzie days (not fat, but "healthy"). I don't think she should lose any more weight.
  7. Working out does not= losing weight. Most kids don't get enough physical activity anyways. Maybe she just wants to be healthy.
  8. I don't think it's necessary for her to have to have a personal trainer, she already looks fine to me, but I guess she just wants to tone her body, plus exercising is healthly to do and a good habit.
    I do have to say I love her hair in that pic!
  9. I don't think its bad. The business she is in - its better for her to get a trainer and be healthy and happy than to worry about how she looks and starve herself like so many other people.

    She looks very healthy and a good weight - hopefully any fitness programme she does will keep her looking that way.

    And I disagree with the person who said she should get a brace - not everybodies teeth have to be brilliant shiny white and absolutely perfect - it didn't do Madonna any harm!! If Hollywood had its way everybody would be the same size and look the same - its all a bit Stepford Wives!
  10. ^^Actually, I heard that she had braces before, but didn't wear her retainer, so now *I think* she is doing orthodontic treatment again.

    Either way, I think at this point, she is a good role model for children as compared to the others out there. I hope she stays that way.
  11. I think its ok as long as she doesn't start obsessing. She needs to be in good shape with some of the dance routines, etc. I think shes cute and talented.
  12. love her shes cute. i hope she doesn't change and give into Hollywood and all the negativity. She seems like a good egg, but then again so did Britney.
  13. Maybe it is just another rumor like her so called "pregnancy"

    I don't believe it until the celebs say it themselves!
  14. ^ HAHAHA seriously
    she looks good though
    i love hannah montana HAHAHAHA